“Sfilatino” – The Best sandwich In London….According to Prash


The thing I love about London is that you could be walking through a foodhall and you can stumble upon an amazing place. That is the great thing about food, you don’t need to be in a formal dining setting to experience something truly delicious. “Sfilatino” a stall in the middle of Selfridges foodhall has done just that. They have managed to transform the easiest recipe in the world, the simple sandwich into an epic masterpiece.


I asked for a recommendation and discovered that these sandwiches are created by 2 michelin star chefs. I ordered the Velluto (Anchovies, black truffle, silician green olives, almond mayonnaise, smoked buffalo milk mozzarella, woodfired smoked sundried tomatoes, sorrel) which I was told was the house favourite and because I sensed that I was going to be taken on a journey through sandwich heaven, I ordered a second for fun. The Crudo (Prosciutto di Parma, buffalo milk mozzarella, basil, fresh cherry tomatoes, extra vigin olive oil)

Ingredients Velluto

The careful toasting of the bread, delicate wrapping of the sandwich in paper and beautiful presenation box was almost like the chef saying “This is my gift and I want to share it with you.” (in an Italian accent of course). As soon as you take one bite you begin to understand the meaning of the slogan “Fast Gourmet & Slow Tasting.” You just don’t want the experience to end. Each ingredient carefully selected to harmonise with the other like a classical symphony. Housed in an incredible loaf bread that has an unforgettable crunch to it.  It was like a triumph of flavours, sending your tastebuds straight to Italy.

PERFETTO!!! “The Italian answer to the french baguette” as the Selfridges website describes it!

sandwich box Sandwich




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