The Best London Dishes…According to Prash

Let’s kick off what I hope will be a long lasting relationship, with Food. First off let’s get the formalities out the way and map out some of my favourite dishes and places in London

Burgers and Sides -After extensive taste tests, heated debates, my favourite burger place is “Patty and Bun.” The “Ari Gold” trumps the rest. I don’t care much for the sides at Paddy and bun though For the sides pop over to Meat Liquor. The deep fried pickles and chilli cheese fries will leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling in your belly. And that is what life is all about right??

patty and bun



meat liquor

Dim Sum – Without a doubt “Royal China Club.” No more to be said here!

royal china club

Seafood: Lobster linguine at “Bentleys.” Queue the scene from “When Harry met Sally!”


Dessert: Apple Tart Tartin at “Galvin”

Tart Tartin

Sushi: “Roka” – when there is only 3 ingredients in a dish it is essential that every element is off the freshest and finest quality, and this place offers that with panache and flair.


Curry: Baby lamb on the bone at Lahore Kebab in St Johns Wood. Be careful what you wear when going though as the smoke created by the wonderful dishes does stay on for several washes!!


If you are not are shaking in violent disagreement to the above let’s take it to the next level. See my post on the relatively new place called “The Beast”


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