Carousel Presents Tom Ryalls…According to Prash


I am always sceptical when I have to buy a ticket for dinner but I was pleasantly surprised by the carousel, a pop up restaurant in the heart of Marylebone. Tom Ryalls is a class act. He uses wonderful talent to take you on a journey inspired by his travels through Spain and Japan

Seven delightful dishes masterfully crafted with different textures and flavours. Admitted with the wine flowing very freely I kind of forgot what was on the menu. Thankfully I took a photo of the menu!!

imageimage (5)
Each dish leaves you asking yourself, what is he going to dish up next! My favourite dish was definitely the salt cod, blood orange and Jerusalem artichoke, followed closely by the confit pork belly, quince and a japanese mustard. As one of my friends remarked after  “You had me at pork belly!”

image (4)

Great food, awesome friends, finished off with copious bottles of wine. A great evening!!

Now what more could one ask for!






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