The Beast Experience

Everything about this place transports you to this medieval world. From the 3 metre cast iron Bear that greets you at the entrance, to the banquet styled setting of the tables and benches. It gives you an undeniable sense that you are in for something out of this world, fit for royalty. This place does not disappoint. I channelled my primal instinct in anticipation of an epic food experience.

Their speciality “The Beast Experience” is definitely the way to go. A combination of King Crab, Rib Eye steak, Veggies and Salad finished off with a dessert. As if that wasn’t enough starters duly made its way to the table consisting of pickled onions, artichokes and cheese. I’m not generally a fan of onion on its own, but they managed to balance of the sharpness of the onion with the sweetness of the pickle. The cheese (drizzling balsamic is a must) and the artichokes were like the calm before the storm of the food that was to arrive.

First the Norwegian Red King Crab. Seeing this massive creature in front of you is daunting and leaves you thinking “How the hell am I going to get that in my belly!” but soon all is forgotten as you tuck into the tender and flavoursome crab! The lightly truffled sauce is a superb accompaniment to the crab. It adds that that extra punch, and burst of delightfulness on the palate.

Next the main event – Rib Eye Steak. The Nebraskan plains is described by some as the epicentre of the world in terms of beef production. A grand statement, but one bite and all resistance to this statement crumbles. The beef is perfectly marbled. When the quality of the beef is that good, you don’t need to do much else to it. Just grill to your desire, and let in melt in your mouth, singing as it tantalises your taste buds!

It is larger than it looks

It is larger than it looks


Finished off with a deceivingly light cheesecake, a fitting end to an epic culinary experience!!!

All good things do come with a price though but well worth the £75 for the Beast Experience.

The Bib! Essential for the beast experience

The Bib! Essential for the beast experience


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